look at us, strutting around with our disposable coffeE cups, waiting for the next generation to clean up our mess…


  1. Choose a tip / a bunch of tips

  2. Make the change(s)

  3. Tell your friends

  4. Sit back, feeling slightly smug that you’re helping shape a better future


The Shift is a project, set up by illustrator, graphic designer and eco-living advocate Ellie Good, with the intention of encouraging sustainable consumerism. When multiple folks make small, individual changes to their shopping habits, big changes can be made.

Easy to dip in and out of, the website makes it super-easy for people to find tips, which make to their daily lives more future-kind. Even if we only get 200 people switching from using hand soap in plastic bottles to bars of soap, that’s a big reduction in plastic consumption. But - imagine what could be done if 2,000 people engaged with several of these tips!

Using people power, we can create a shift in consumer behaviour. Why wait for the government to make laws for big companies, when the shift can be made with consumer influence and demand…

Choose a tip, put it into practice and tell your mates over a cuppa. Let’s get this SHIFT going!


You can find The Shift on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for regular posts and extra tips.


If you want to know how to make changes in your own home, or spread the word through a school or workplace, founder Ellie is your woman. From home visits and tailored personal advice to speaking at events, you will be able to draw on the green-living knowledge she has built up over the last ten+ years. If you are thinking about picking Ellie’s brains or asking her to speak, please drop her a line here.


Show your support for the inspiring Greta Thunberg with this slogan tote made from salvaged post- & pre-consumer textile fibres! 50p from EVERY one sold goes to environmental charities to boot.